Did you miss History Fair? No problem. Get your fill of the finished projects below.


Robert Mendelsohn: Medical Heretic, Bina Wilens, 8th

Charles L. Hutchinson and the Art Institute, by Lilit Matar, 8th

Bruno Bettelheim, by Sarah Campbell, 7th

Ida B. Wells and Her Anti-Lynching Campaign, by Sarah Winitzer, 7th

Dr. Richard Eells, by Ari Gutman, 7th

Jim Crow Laws, by Tali Rosenzweig, 6th

Leo Kanner, by Shaina Grossman, 6th

P1010855 P1010867




Winning Projects:

It’s Not Easy Being Clean: Josephine Cochran, by Shira Friedman-Parks

Natasha Goldowski Renner, by Zoe Weiner

Sears Roebuck, by Gavi Levy

Pete Rozelle, by Sam Libenson

Tony Accardo, by Lila Sefner

York and his Role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Aaron Faier

William LeBaron Jenney, by Sam Roitman


Other Projects:

Enrico Fermi, by Abigail Koifman

Alice Hamilton, by Sarah Stine

Law & Disorder: the Hyde Park/Kenwood Race Bombings, by Jacky Taylor

The PATCO Strike, by Goldie Blisko

Patti Smith, by Oryah Rudick

Susan B. Anthony, by Raizel Landman-Feigelson

Eliyahu’s Castles, by Eliyahu Malkin

Albert Einstein, by Gavi Rosenthal

Alice Hamilton, by Aliza Berks

Harriet Tubman, by Basya Silverman

James Naismith, by Noam Weissman

Hymie Berman: Inventor of the Judy Clock, by Ezra Landman-Feigelson

Jesse Owens, by Henry Lowenthal


Winning Projects:

1st Place: Jane Addams and her Effect on Equality (right), by Isabel Kucher. 3rd Place: Ray Croc, by Naomi Hochman
2nd Place: Forever Marshall Fields, by Aya Hamlish (left)

Other Projects:



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