Akiba-Schechter’s History Fair will be held on March 23, 2017. Below is our internal timeline of deadlines, or checkpoints. The timeline is the same for 5th/6th and 7th/8th, though the expectations will vary.

Broad Topic Selection Due: January 17

Annotated Bibliography Due: January 24

Final Topic Due: January 27

1st Batch of Research Notes Due: February 10

There are many ways to take notes, but we recommend using either physical notecards or a chart, which can be filled in by hand or digitally. 

Here is a diagram of what a notecard should look like when completed

Here is a chart in which to take notes. It includes the same elements as the notecard, but in different form.

Here is a chart with annotations. We recommend this for 7th/8th graders.

Before taking notes, we recommend that students first narrow down their top 3 most helpful sources, and decide what their three subtopics are going to be. Then, they should read each source with a focus lens of only one subtopic at a time. Here is a chart to help students choose these focus areas.

All Research Notes Due: February 17

Select Presentation Method: February 21

Outline Due: February 27

Revised Annotated Bibliography Due:  March 6

First Draft Due: March 14

Final Draft Due: March 21

Summary of Process Due: March 22

History Fair: March 23


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