We are committed to making sure the process is enjoyable, exciting, and manageable; never overwhelming or stressful.  To that end, we have put in place numerous systems of support for our students:

Flex Period

For 5th/6th graders, who are new to research-oriented, long-term projects, the Flex Period will provide a weekly space to work in small groups on History Fair. As the timeline progresses, groupings will be re-shuffled to reflect the specific needs of the students.

History Fair Workshop

Starting January 12, we will be offering History Fair Workshop after school three days a week–Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The workshop will be led by primarily by Mr. Landers, with support as needed by Mr. Esse, Ms. Schiller, and Ms. Kass. Workshop sessions will be a perfect space for students to  conference one-on-one with a teacher, get help with any challenges they are facing, or simply work quietly. There is no charge for attending, and students may choose the day(s) that work for them.

In order to ensure maximum productivity and individualized attention during workshop sessions, the student-teacher ratio will be kept at a high level by capping the number of students in a given workshop at seven.

Session sign-up is first come, first served. To sign up for a workshop session, please view the History Fair Workshop Sign-up Sheet and email the Front Desk with the date(s) your child(ren) will be attending. Your name will be added to the sign-up sheet.


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