If you didn’t have a chance to review this year’s websites and documentaries at the evening event, here’s your chance. Please find all 2017 websites and documentaries below.

Netanel Barsky, 6th grade: Beate Klarsfeld, Nazi Hunter

Izzy Blair, 6th grade: Carol Mosely Braun, Pantsuit Nation

Ayalah Bransky, 6th grade: Lester Fisher, Changing Cages to Habitats

Anna Copeland, 6th grade: Women’s Rights in the Civil War

Yonathan Ezra, 5th grade: Yitzchak Rabin and the Fight for Peace

Zev Faier, 6th grade: Culpur Spy Ring

Joseph Friedman, 6th grade: Second Punic Wars

Jed Marcus, 5th grade: Solidarity in Poland

Rafi Nagorsky, 6th grade: Pullman Town

Daniella Spero, 6th grade: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fight for National Parks

Jo-Jo Vadnai, 5th grade: Masada

Courtland Williams, 6th grade: Jesse Owens

Ezra Frankel, 5th grade: Maccabean Revolt

Yaakov David, 6th grade: Spartacus

David Eskilson, 7th grade: Montgomery Ward and the Fight for Chicago’s Lakefront

Tali Rosenzweig, 8th grade: Elizabeth Blackwell, a Medical Milestone

Sydney Goldberg, 8th grade: Oprah Winfrey

Raizel Landman-Feigelson, 7th grade: Richard Nickel

Hadar Shacham, 8th grade: The Radium Girls

Donny Zeller, 8th grade: Daniel Ellsberg & the Truth about Vietnam

Aliza Berks, 7th grade: The Jane Collective

Alex Noth, 7th grade: Memorial Day Massacre

Tamira Halpert, 7th grade: Willis Wagon, Civil Rights

Lila Sefner, 7th grade: Homelessness in Chicago

Elie Altgold, 8th grade: Capitol vs Labor: Pullman Strike


Ben Roitman, Upton Sinclair


Isabel Roitman, Martha Graham


Aaron Faier, The Gautreaux Project

Verdit Szmulewitz, Cleopatra


Eliyahu Malkin, The 1968 DNC


Ezra Landman-Feigelson, Montgomery Ward


Shammai Winitzer, 6th grade: Frank Lloyd Wright

Shaina Grossman, 8th grade: The Arc and The Fight for Special Education Inclusion in Education