Congratulations to all of our 2017 Winners! We are incredibly proud of their hard work!

5th/6th grade
1. Shammai Winitzer: on Frank Lloyd Wright
7th/8th grade
1. Shaina Grossman: on The Arc and Children with Disabilities
2. Basya Silverman: on Miranda Rights
5th/6th grade
1. Avi McGiver: Chief Blackhawk
tied for 2. Mayrav Bader: on Josephine Cochrane, inventor of dishwasher
and Toibeh Sarah Gersten: Florence Kelley and Child Labor
3. Jonah Deegan: Letters that Changed History
7th/8th grade
1. Jac Copeland: The Negro Motorist Green Book
2. Gabe McGiver: Labor on Trial: The Chicago Haymarket Affair
3. Eva Basa: Margaret Burroughs: Giving Voice to the Voiceless
5th/6th grade
1. Verdit Szmulevitz: on Cleopatra
7th/8th grade
1. Isabel Roitman: on Martha Graham
2. Aaron Faier: on The Gauttreaux Project
3. Ben Roitman: on Upton Sinclair
7th/8th grade
1. Shira David: Elliot Ness and the Fight Against Government Corruption
2. Julian Blair: The Chicago Eight Trial
5th/6th grade
1. Ayalah Bransky: on Lester Fisher, Changing from Cages to Habitats
2. Yonathan Ezra: on Yitzchak Rabin
3. Yaakov David: on Spartacus
7th/8th grade
1. Tali Rosenzweig: on Elizabeth Blackwell and the Medical Milestone
2. David Eskilson: on Montgomery Ward and the Fight for the Chicago Lakefront
3. Raizel Landman-Feigelson: on Richard Nickel
Moving on to the Chicago Metro History Fair
Papers: Shaina Grossman, Basya Silverman, Shammai Winitzer
Websites: Ayalah Bransky, Tali Rosenzweig, David Eskilson
Performances: Shira David (and a supporting cast)
Documentary: Isabel Roitman, Aaron Faier, Ben Roitman
Exhibits: Jac Copeland and Gabe McGiver